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All you need to know about tooth extraction surgery

Tooth extraction is normally performed under the influence of anesthesia and the procedure is performed by oral surgeons or maxillofacial surgeons. This article discusses the tooth extraction surgery, everything about it as well as the costs when you visit your dentist in Sacramento

As stated above, you will be under a general anesthesia and this is used to numb the area that will be operated on. An oral professional surgeon in Sacramento will perform the surgery on you since they are more qualifies for it and in any case that you might have more than one tooth to be extracted, a stronger anesthesia will be used. A stronger anesthesia could numb the whole body and you will experience no pain whatsoever till the surgery is over.

When the tooth is extracted, you will need to be stitched up. This is in order to stop the bleeding and a cotton gauze pad is placed on the wound. The extracted tooth will then be replaced with a dental implant, a bridge or a denture. When it comes to bridges, they can either be permanent or removable. The recovery period will take you just a few days but there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

After the teeth extraction, you will probably feel pain but your Sacramento dentist will prescribe some painkillers for you so you need to ensure you take them. You could also use an icepack to ease the pain.
The pain will last you a few days but about 24 hours after the surgery, you will need to rinse your mouth with warm salty water. This will reduce pain as well as swelling and can be done a few times a day.
Make sure you can change the gauze pads before they soak with blood.
You will experience discomfort but you have to know that is the procedure so just sit back and relax
Try not to smoke at all after that
As much as you crave your favorite food, please try to eat only soft foods like soup
There will be quite a lot of bleeding so ensure that you lie under a few pillows to ensure you do not swallow the blood
Once you get stitched up, do not worry about the stitches, they will dissolve with time and if necessary the dentist will remove the rest. The dentist will give you a removal appointment
It is very important that you have your teeth extracted when the need arises because it might cause the infection to spread all over the other teeth. You should always follow the correct brushing routines and do not indulge in things that worsen the situation.

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